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support bi women in relationships with men. support bi women in relationships with nb ppl. support bi women in relationships with other women. support bi women no matter their partners.




Give me at least one character and the reason you chose them. It can be based on looks or personality.


Anonymously tell me your feelings for me.

It doesn’t have to be romantic (though if you did feel that way, it’d be perfectly fine). Just how you feel in general. I get curious of people’s impressions of me.


"Maybe you’re not [heterosexual/homosexual/some kind of allosexual], maybe you’re just [insert love interests name]-sexual"






trans people don’t have to be ‘passing’ to be valuable

trans people do not have to adhere to heteronormative standards of beauty to be valuable

trans people don’t have to look any certain way to be the gender that they are

and if you hold trans people to any sort of beauty standard, may you live long and never prosper

A Small Fish Needs Some Help.




Paypal Email:

I have battled with myself for days over this - distraught, distressed, cried out, tired - and in my best interest and my husband’s I was convinced by him and our remaining supportive family members to do this.

We’re getting kicked out of our only “home” which amounts to nothing more than a cramped room we’ve been rigged to live out of since last summer. I’ve been homeless three times already in my lifetime, and this will be the fourth time. We buy our own food, pay our own bills, and also pay rent - but his grandmother simply told us to we needed to get out yesterday. No notice, no prior explanation.

My husband found out he lost his job last week. He has no license so he can’t drive - I’ve been driving him to his jobs for over two years now. We have so many bills due within a week, the least of which involve my car insurance and tag renewal. I absolutely must pay them otherwise I could potentially lose my only transportation - our car is all we have left now and might be the difference between sleeping on a bench or in my backseat.

Last week my friend rynnay sent me an application for a job offer at the gaming company where she works in Arizona. I received an email this morning saying they would review my submission and get back to me later this week. Unless I miraculously make this job, we pretty much have nowhere to go.

There’s no one in my family we can go to, and my husband’s mother can’t right now because she’s dealing with her own set of problems with his stepdad’s son living in their house. His dad’s side is part of the reason we’re getting thrown out. I will not ask my mother for help considering the last time we were thrown out, I came to her doorstep crying my eyes out and begging for a place to sleep, and was refused because my husband and I weren’t married at the time. I assume it’s understandable if I’d rather not rely on them for help. And my real dad… well. He’s been suffering from liver failure since last November, and recently went back into the hospital. I’m trying to keep my mind off of it.

Before this terrible series of events happened, we were literally a week away from fixing everything - filing bankruptcy, getting my car fixed and new tires, and moving out on our own. Now I am down to $35 bucks in my account and a quarter-tank of gas in my car while we stand on the verge of destruction.

I don’t have the time or means to take on more commissions right now, but what I can say is this - if you are willing to donate something, I will give you the option for credit with me as an artist. I can offer small but meaningful things and a few merchandise options, though it might be a while before I can get them to you considering I might be couch-crashing from home-to-home for a while.

I have to have something to keep us from going hungry/running out of gas/losing our car because I’ve been in that situation before and it is so terrifying. It destroys a part of you that you never quite get back, and I have very little left to give up after so many years of going through this.

If I somehow land this job, I will have to find a way to make it all the way out to Arizona with my completely-falling-apart car, find and rent an apartment, and pay for basic necessities like pots to cook in, toilet paper, shampoo, etc. just enough so we can survive and probably sleep on the floor for a week or two until I can afford a bed. I’m terrified of that journey but I’m more scared of being homeless and in this town with no job than in another state in an apartment with a job. I’m supposed to find out later this week if I have a shot at the job. If (god forbid) I don’t get it, well then I’m double-screwed and I’ll need something to keep us alive long enough to find a roof over our heads that lasts longer than a few nights sleeping on a couch.

Either option requires me to have money and resources I don’t have right now, and since we’re getting kicked out I don’t have the luxury of time to wait it out until I find a better situation. I feel like everything is bubbling to the surface, and either it’s about to reign down fire or reign down the best thing that ever happened to me. Ironically both choices mean I can’t do it on my own, so I’m here, falling apart on a small corner of the internet and begging complete strangers for help.

If you want to just donate without credit, that’s perfectly fine too. 

However, if you’d like a little gift in exchange for helping, then use this list for reference.


Donate $5 or more and receive a personal thank you letter from the artist in the mail.

  • How to choose this option: Include your home address in the Note section of the Paypal donation. If you leave it blank, I will not send you a note.

Donate $10 or more and receive a doodle sketch card of any Mass Effect or Dragon Age squadmate/companion of your choice in the mail.

  • How to choose this option: Include your home address and character choice in the Note section of the Paypal donation. If you do not include a character’s name, I will pick one at random.

Donate $15 or more and receive a free print of your choice in the mail.

  • How to choose this option: Include your email address and (optional) a print preference in the Note section, if any. I haven’t been able to set up my prints yet, and I’d like to put together a good list of options for you to choose from. Once I get settled and have prints up, I will email you with the options or let you know if I was able to create a print from your suggestion. If you leave it blank, I will not send you a print.

Donate $20 or more and get commission credit with the artist for a later date.

  • How to choose this option: Include your email address in the Note section I can contact you with at a later date to set up a commission. Once I get settled and contact you again, you are free to wait as long as you like with your commission - you will always have that credit with me as an artist. If you leave the Note section blank, I will not contact you.

I am not trying to obligate anyone to send me money, I’m simply out of options. We have no one to turn to, and I can only rely on myself and the kindness of strangers to dig myself out of this debilitating hell. I need a break, I need a leg up, I need something so I can get back on my feet and finally live a normal life without the threat of being homeless ever again.

I’m already scared to death at the prospect of being on the streets again. It is a horrible, sickening feeling - and while that part cannot be helped or changed by anyone at this point, if you donate you can help us keep our car and possibly help us find somewhere safe to live (even if for a little while). I’m really sorry to put everyone in this position, and more so sorry that this depressing message is now on many people’s dash, but I need help. I really need help. I don’t have any more options, and I just want a safe space to sleep.

So if you want to donate, please send it to on Paypal, and please makes sure to give me your information if you’d like one of the “thank you” credit gifts in exchange. If you can’t spare anything (which is fine, seriously!) but still want to help, feel free to reblog/send this to friends to spread it around. Any reblogs/donations are hugely appreciated and I really love you all so much for putting up with me.

Basically tl;dr I’m a literal starving artist please I need help to continue doing art for you inside of a shelter with food to keep me alive and maybe some blankets to sleep on.


Guys, Tys is a super, super important person and one of the kindest souls you’ll ever meet. Life just dealt her a hell of a blow, and she needs a little help. Please spread the word, check out her art, and let her know she isn’t alone. Flood her inbox with love; be it emotional, spiritual, or financial.

We got you, bb girl.

People who can't draw: Drawing is fucking hard
People who don't try at all: Drawing is fucking hard
Teachers: Drawing is fucking hard
Beginning artists: Drawing is fucking hard
Pro artists: Drawing is fucking hard
Famous artists: Drawing is fucking hard
Extremely famous artists: Drawing is fucking hard
Long gone, passed away artists who went down in history: Drawing is fucking hard
People who are upset an artist won't draw for them for free: Drawing is easy!